Noxious makes Abercrombie an archery target

Noxious makes Abercrombie an archery target

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Lately more people familiar with scented “fierce” that occasionally appear most often in website and paper every day are becoming more famous than classic NO.5 Chanel. What happened? Some employees and consumers in Abercormbie’s retail store complained of headaches, sore throats, coughs, and discomfort while working and shopping in the “Fierce” atomosphere. As a technician who has been working with Frangrance for almost a decade, this symptom never seems to me when I spend as long as twenty minutes in abercrombie stores.

According to Teens Turning Green, a study by the Safe Cosmetics Campaign found the following about AF fierce Cologne Spray:

1. Eight sensitizing chemicals related to allergic reactions like asthma, wheezing, headache, and contact rash.

2.Eleven chemicals are not listed on the label due to a gap in the Fed. Law that allows companies to claim perfume ingredients as trading techniques.

As everyone knows, every type of perfume is not made by every machine or high-tech, but by talented perfumers with at least five years of experience with the nose. In the process of creating a new perfume, the perfume must have been smelled by a group of perfumer Throusands of the time. If the scent is harmful, the perfumer should be poisoned first. With that in mind, I would like to say how harmful the fragrance can be since it has been studied by so many perfumers.

Speaking of 8 sensitizing chemicals, I can say that each type of fragrance is a mixture of many frangrance ingredients such as rose oil, vanillin and the like, and each frangrance ingredient can be a mixture of throusands of chemicals. We can conclude that there are up to millions of chemicals on a single bottle of fragrance. There will be no shadow of doubt to find a few chemicals associated with allergic reactions. Not just the “fierce” when we trace analysis to NO.5 from Chanel, dear Dear Dior, I’m sure you can also find several sensitizing chemicals hidden in these classic famous brands for these chemicals only a trace amount, they won’t To do harm to the human body.

Assessment of Target Performance in Archery

As for eleven chemicals not mentioned on the label, the ingredient in a perfume is a Abercrombiefitch L.T.D patent, just like Coca Cola. Does anyone have any doubts that the secret of Coca Cola ingredients can potentially pose a risk to human health? It has been drunk by Americans for almost 100 years. I will say not all people like it, a few people feel like drinking and stomach pain, but we will be able to judge it is harmful by specifying a few people.

Luckily, suffering from this harmful perfume storm, Abercrombie sales records are still rising since the start for the summer season, Apprently this affair has not caused catastrophic damage to Abercrombie’s reputation.

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