Bow Hunter: The boy scouts are home and score early.

The temperature in summer is hot and humid. The biting insects are in groups. Shirt stick. Sweat beads. You ask, what is the white tail of the bow head in your mind? Well, if you are like me, hunting the white tail with archery equipment is a way of life.

The turn of the seasons inspired many archers to go to the nearest hill to find the elusive white tail. With the heat of summer, it gradually became restrained in the deer forest, and the white-tailed deer became a very obvious creature.

Low impact reconnaissance.

Many hunters made a mistake, blindly looking for the final standing place through the golden white tail habitat. White Tail is extremely sensitive to human invasion, so it is difficult to hide his actions. This is especially true for big guys. If you are not careful, you will unknowingly announce your future plans to the resident deer herd. Moreover, once a mature white tail feels threatened, it will move to a completely different area or become the main night. I don’t need to tell you, there is the possibility of an animal that does an arrowhead to you. So, what is the answer to your question?

Through careful and persistent observation, you will begin to learn how to travel. Once you have established every blood pressure reduction routine, you will be able to plan a strategy. At noon, avoid the edge of the field and start reconnaissance. If you are interested in marking fawn, please look for trails with high traffic.

There are other low-impact reconnaissance methods that can produce results. Incorporating topographic maps, aerial photos and computer graphics programs into your reconnaissance repertoire can guide you into areas that might otherwise be overlooked.

The feeding path is the same as the funnel.

In the first few days of the early archery season, setting up a scaffold along a path that connects the bed area with farmland or other food sources can be fatal. In fact, the first week of the season is usually the time when the arrow cruises the animals. During the late summer and early autumn, the big guys often travel between the two areas.

Human beings play an important role in the creation of the funnel. Development is a common cause of funnel production. A new housing estate, road or drain are all factors that can change the movement of the deer to some extent or that. Basically, deer are inherently lazy. They will look for the path of least resistance when crossing an area. Changing these habits may mean success at the beginning of the season.

It’s a ruble.

If you set your sights on a bust, it will be in your best interest to get as much fresh friction as possible. Only antlers can rub, and usually the greater the friction, the bigger the deer. There are no other types of signs that are more decisive than rubbing the blood pressure by visiting your booth website.

Finding fresh friction is not as difficult as you think. The edge of the crop field is a good bet. Deer who go to the fields at night usually leave a friction on the edge of the forest when they leave the field in the morning. Friction usually faces the direction of travel. The best solution is to look for several frictions along the tracking system. A few trees will be clearly marked and will receive similar damage if the same buck does most of the friction.

Observation station.

If all your attempts to find deer during the open season have failed, I suggest choosing another effective method of reconnaissance-placing a stand in a promising area just to observe the movement of the deer.

It only takes a few rides to record and identify the deer’s travel habits in nearby areas. Be sure to choose a location with unobstructed visibility. You need to be able to see a large distance to cover as much ground as possible. Pay close attention to how the deer moves and when passing through the area. Your observations will help you to position in the future.

to sum up.

Okay, I admit it. After a few months, it was difficult to find the deer symbol fire in the countryside. The situation is even worse when the thought of staying in front of the TV and entering your mind in the comfort of an air-conditioner. However, no one has ever said that bow hunting is easy. So remember, in order to succeed in the white tail at the beginning of the season, you have to put in time before the start of the season.

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