How to aim the bow and arrow, hit the target every time.

Discover amazing archery skills, techniques and techniques that will make you aim your bow and archery straighter, faster, and more precise than you think possible.

Aiming the bow and shooting the target is a matter of practice.

When I picked up the bow and started shooting arrows for the first time, I found that aiming is a very difficult thing. I’m used to shooting with a rifle, I tried to aim at my arrow and look to the lower axis. It is not practical to do that with bows and arrows. My coach is an elderly relative, and he is an old target archer. When I asked him how to aim my bow, he gave me some tips? When I accepted his advice, my goal was improved a lot. .

Practice, practice, practice.

My archer relative said to me that I should draw the bowstring so that it touches one side of my face. Look at the target while pointing the arrow in the right direction, and then release the arrow steadily. It sounds so easy, isn’t it? I think once you practice enough.

I still don’t know how to aim at the center of the target, although my coach always tells me that Chengri draws the bowstring so that he can rest in the same place on my face. Ye Zhong said to me, the secret to accurate shooting is to practice and many other things. I don’t remember but home, but I got this idea. At least I thought I did it-some kind of karate kid wax on… Wax closed the deal, I thought.

Consistency is the key to accurate archery.

Then, it came to me slowly, with an unsure way to see an arrow or aim at a target bow. Well, there may be, but I still don’t know what it is. The secret is really in the practice, making me become consistent in the way I draw and release the arrow. The arrow hitting the target was initially just trial and error, but if you are consistent with drawing and releasing, then you should be able to hit the target with each arrow. Sometimes I can destroy the target arrow on the flight. A good target, but an expensive arrow.

How to aim at the target center?

Of course, then it follows that if you can keep hitting the same place on the target, all you need to do is to use that place to become a small circle in the middle, and you crack it. Just focus on shooting as many bull’s eyes as you can as often as possible.

I am still a very beginner and have many very neat secrets about archery and how to aim the bow, I still have to learn. Most things require a lot of practice, but you need to read as many techniques as possible to make sure you practice the right things. If you practice enough, you will get better.

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